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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Microblading is one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry and the world of cosmetic tattooing to date.  It is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing, also known as micro-pigmentation. 

Whether you already have great eyebrows and want a little more definition or have little to no eyebrow hair at all, microblading can achieve the finest, most life-like results on the market today.  

Microblading is beneficial for over-plucked brows, brows with loss of hair, patchy hair, scaring, clients who want more of an arch, or a different shape eyebrow altogether. 


I have been obsessing over this treatment for years and here is a breakdown of how it works and what you can expect from the microblading part of the appointment.

The procedure for microblading is unlike other forms of semi-permanent makeup as the hairstrokes are created by using a handheld tool instead of a machine.


The tool, shaped like a pen, is made up with tiny nano needles in 2 rows. These nanoneedles are very compact and are designed to create the perfect hairlike stroke. Pigment is deposited into the baseline layer of the epidermis (skin) while the hair strokes are being created. Each fine hairline stroke is strategically placed throughout your brow to give you the ultimate "perfect brow" template you have always dreamed of.  

The pigment is also bathed into the brows with a pigment mask at the end of the treatment to assure it has been thoroughly absorbed into the new hair strokes.

Once the microblading treatment is complete you will see your new brows! It is important to understand that the color of the pigment will be 40% - 50% darker than the healed results you will see 7 days from the initial result. The retouch appointment 8 weeks after the initial treatment will also be the session to perfect the brows.


A full consultation is provided to you either prior to or during the appointment. If you book a consult prior to your appointment still receive a full consultation on the microblading day.

During the consultation, your brow shape, color, and design goals are discussed in detail. Together, the artist and yourself, discuss verbally the attainable goals merging your desired goals and the professional advice from the artist. 

Photographs of how you like to style the brows and inspirations of other brows are welcomed however the expertise of determining the realistic shape that can be achieved will be factored by your existing brow shape including how symmetry can be achieved by possibly reshaping the brow.

Pigment color is customized by the artist to best compliment your skin undertone and eyebrow hair color for the most natural results.

The agreement is considered as you verbally approving the discussion in the consultation and verbal agreement to move forward with microblading after being shown the outline as mapped out which is a border surrounding the brows.

The artist will complete the entire session of microblading before revealing the final result of the brows to you.

Only once agreed upon the artist shall begin the procedure under the full permission and verbal agreement from you. 


Microblading creates an amazing transformation to your brows and while it's a fun and exciting process there is a lot to understand about it.


The permanent makeup world is booming with reputable artists who reinvest their time and finances into their skills and knowledge of this ever-evolving market to deliver the highest standard of care, technique, and education on the microblading process to you, the client. 

Through market research, I see a plethora of artists going above and beyond to ensure they provide a wealth of knowledge to their clients, and you will find the same here at Studio Luxe with me!

Arriving at your appointment well-informed will calm any nerves and have you feeling excited about the transformation. Knowing key information like how long the appointment takes and how the healed results vary from the day of results will eliminate any last-minute surprises.  

OK, so I need to get super serious for a moment here! The Health Questionnaire is the deal breaker when it comes to your decision to book for microblading. Although we are only working in the epidermis we are as artists still working with skin and blood. We are licensed professionals who are trained in bloodborne pathogens and communicable diseases. I undergo blood testing annually and practice a high level of sanitation and disinfecting in the treatment environment.


Certain medications and heart conditions are also a contraindication. Although this might be a big blow for you please know it comes from the heart as it is my highest priority to ensure it is safe for you to receive this treatment. If you are unable to answer the Health Questionnaire with a clear no please do not book microblading services.

If any of these are applicable please do not book Microblading:

If you are under 18 years old 

Have large pores on your forehead

Oily skin


Graves disease



Have a history of keloids, vitiligo or rosacea.


Find out if you are a good candidate for microblading: 



The pre-treatment care and aftercare have an extremely high impact on your results so please check that you can commit to both before planning out when to book your appointment.


Pre-treatment and Aftercare plans are available here:



I have created a page for the FAQs I receive.





If you have more for me I'm sure I have the tea so be sure to schedule a complimentary consultation available in person or via FaceTime!

Be sure to thoroughly read the service description before booking your service! Click into "read more" in the service page under the service title. 

After you book your service you will receive an agreement to microblading services. As well as acting as a waiver I have created this to be a one-stop place for all the information you need on your service. Please read this with care and only sign and submit once you're clear on all of the information! Once you submit the waiver you will receive an email copy and you can review it at any time! 


Welcome to Studio Luxe, your destination for quality permanent makeup services. Our independent artist offers personalized custom eyebrow design and microblading services in a clean and sanitary environment with personalized client care to create a specialized and comfortable experience.

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