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Your support means the world to me, and I'm incredibly grateful for your purchase of
"The Empowered Beauty Entrepreneur".

I can't wait for you to embark on this transformative journey toward empowerment and success in the beauty industry.

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To get started, go to your inbox where you'll find an email from me with the download link to your ebook.

Click the link to access your guidebook instantly and unlock the secrets to building a thriving beauty business.

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I'm building a vibrant community of like-minded beauty entrepreneurs on Instagram. Connect with me personally on IG @jodie_mcdonnell and visit my studio @studioluxehawaii for inspiring content, exclusive insights, and exciting updates.


Let's support each other on this empowering path!


Your Digital Companion: Looking for a digital approach? "The Empowered Beauty Entrepreneur" is fully compatible with GoodNotes, making it easy to use and annotate digitally. But if you prefer the classic feel of pen and paper, you can also print the ebook for easy reference whenever you need.

Next Steps:

Download Your Ebook: Access your transformative guidebook and dive into invaluable insights.

Find Your Happy Place: Carve out some me-time, grab a favorite beverage, and immerse yourself in empowering knowledge.


Share Your Journey: I'd love to hear about your progress! Share your experience on Instagram and inspire others to embrace their beauty business dreams.

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You're now a valued member of The Empowered Beauty Entrepreneur Community! Let's uplift and empower each other on this beautiful journey.

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If "The Empowered Beauty Entrepreneur" resonates with you, I'd be incredibly grateful for your feedback and reviews. Sharing your experience will empower others on their paths to success.

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For any questions, support, or simply to say hello, we're here for you. Drop me a DM or reach out to me at, and let's keep the conversation going.

Once Again, Thank You! I appreciate your trust in me as your guide. Together, let's cultivate a mindful, balanced, and thriving beauty business!


Wishing you beauty and empowerment,


Jodie xo


P.S. Remember, your journey to success starts with belief in your unique beauty and capabilities. Let's shine together! 🌟

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