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Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Finding the Perfect Balance

Being a mother and an entrepreneur are two full-time jobs independently, and balancing the two can be incredibly challenging. It takes a lot of juggling, patience, and self-discipline, but it is possible to make it work.

In this blog post, I'll share some tips on how to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship successfully.

Mother Entrepreneur in Morning Meditation

1. Create a Schedule

One of the biggest challenges of being a mother and entrepreneur is finding the time to do everything. Creating a schedule that works for you and your family can help you manage your time better. Try to schedule your work around your children's schedules so you can be there for them when they need you.

I like to use time blocking as I am a visual person. This also allows me to color block so I can see at a glance before reading the task, whether it is home or work-related. Good old google calendar is great for this. I also use Planbella. It is an app you can use on your phone, it is aesthetically pleasing and links to your Google calendar. You can use widgets for ease of use on the fly.

Planbella: (this is not an affiliate link, I just love the app!)

2. Set Boundaries

It's essential to set boundaries for your work and your family life. Make sure your family understands that there are times when you need to focus on work. Likewise, make sure you're not working during family time, and you're present with your loved ones.

Having a time-blocked schedule helps create a routine for this too. I schedule a free time hour for my daughter for the weekend days when I block time for returning client requests and other office-related tasks.

That way it is intentional and not just a scramble while having that good old friend mom guilt creep in while I am trying to work. Her free time is celebrated, she gets to play with whatever she wants while I can focus and I know what she is doing too. Crafting, artwork or a learning book keeps her happy and engaged while I am able to watch over her and manage my work tasks.

3. Prioritize Tasks

As an entrepreneur, you're likely to have an endless to-do list. It's important to prioritize your tasks and focus on the most critical ones. This will help you manage your workload and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Listing your tasks in order of priority is a great help. Even getting the top 3 handled is a great accomplishment.

Then you can work your way down from there. Reprioritize your tasks each day to help eliminate overwhelm. I like to have a running list in my Google spreadsheet and then create tasks for the day using the tasks list in Planbella.

4. Delegate Tasks

Don't be afraid to delegate tasks to others, whether it's your partner, a family member, or a virtual assistant. Delegating tasks can help you free up time to focus on more critical tasks. This is a personal work in progress for me and I understand how hard this is to do but the benefits are great. If this isn't an option for you don't worry, staying on top of tips 1-3 will be greatly effective.

5. Take Care of Yourself

As a mother and an entrepreneur, it's easy to put your needs last. I am 100% guilty of this and making it my #1 priority! However, it's crucial to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Make sure you're getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and taking breaks throughout the day to recharge.

One of my favorite ways to start my day right is to keep on top of my 10 minute morning meditation. This is my favorite listen at the moment by Lalah Delia. It's 17 minutes long and can be listened to morning and night either in meditation or played while getting ready for your day.

Morning Meditation:

I too have a sleep meditation available on Insight Timer that I created to sooth you into a blissful and restorative sleep.

Sleep Meditation:

6. Stay Focused

It's easy to get distracted when you're working from home with kids around. However, it's crucial to stay focused on your work when you're working and your family when you're not. Turn off notifications and distractions during your work time, and be present with your family during family time.

This touches on setting boundaries too. Respectfully the evening may be the best time for clients to reach out as they are in their own downtime and thinking about their self-care by booking your services. When operating as a solopreneur its so tempting to open that 10 pm DM from a prospective or existing client but having notifications for your clients that let them know that you will answer within 24 hours (of receiving a DM for example) will let them know they can expect to hear from you while it doesn't interfere with your rest or family time.

7. Be Flexible

Being a mother and an entrepreneur means being flexible. Unexpected things will come up, and you need to be able to adjust your schedule and priorities accordingly. Don't beat yourself up if you can't get everything done in a day! Most importantly, be kind to yourself and know you are doing the best you can.

I hope that this blog post has provided you with valuable insights and practical tips on how to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship successfully. Being a mompreneur can be a challenging journey, but with the right mindset, planning, and support, it's possible to thrive in both roles.

Remember to be kind to yourself, stay focused on your goals, and prioritize self-care. I encourage you to implement these strategies in your life and embrace the journey of being a successful mompreneur. With determination and perseverance, you can build a thriving business and create a fulfilling life for yourself and your family.

Remember, it's not about being perfect, but about doing the best you can and enjoying the journey.

Jodie xo


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